Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pincushion Exchange

I would always love what is ALWAYS happening in this Yahoo-Malaysian-based craft group. Recently Usha, has organised a blue & button theme pincushion exchange. Here what i made/gave to my partner, Radha in Alor Setar.

Blue and button theme pincushion, fabric ribbon and perle cotton thread (i really love these 2 thing!), small towel with cross stitch border, blue flower, buttons (i think it is a lighthouse?) felt and needle size 22 (not in the pic) suitable for the perle thread.


And these are exchange from Nik for me. The cushion is so adorable with the design on the center. Nik gave me a pack of candy-ish wooden beads (my daughter has been eyeing for it :P), ribbon, pins, bias tape and small yellow towel. Thanks Nik!

Thanks to Usha, who has organized the exchange. It was fun!

Monday, May 10, 2010


11 May would be my birthday. But for some reason which is too confidential for others to know, i feel teribbly i wake up at 4.00am, and i pray.. i pray for the well being for my whole family, for His Blessing to pour on us, and give thanks to Allah who all the time give His love and protection.. i pray, that one thing burdened me now (which has actually burdened me for 3 years now) will vanished and the person involved will find peace in others..

Ya ALLAH,...lapangkanlah dadaku dalam menerima ujianMu, berikanlah kekuatan kepada kami sekeluarga menghadapi kesenangan ini dan kesusahan ini dalam tingkat kesabaran yang tinggi, agar hati-hati kami terus bersatu dalam limpahan Rahmat dan kebahagiaanMu, yang tiada tolok bandingnya..Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Small cushion finishes

Peggy has asked me about the finishing i did for the bookmark i made for her recently, the one with strawerry and daisy on it.

I should thank Cross Stitcher, they usually put up a small column in every few pages on "step-by-step" Biscornu, or making your cards etc. Most of them are for the finishing of all sort of craft.

I dont have sewing machine, so finishing a small things don't really bothers me so i just sew it the way stitcher usually did when stitching a small cushion. So Peggy, this is how i did the finishing for the bookmark. :)

After you have stitched the pattern, backstitch a square around the design, using 2 strands of thread (mine is in pink).

Make another backstitch square, it need to be the exact size as the one with design on it. Trim the fabric, leaving enough allowance for you to stitch later.

Fold and iron the excess fabric under along the backstitched edges.

Attach the wrong side of the fabric/square together, and sew using two strands of floss. Sew up and down through the backstitched on both pieces of fabric, WITHOUT piercing the fabric itself. Sew around the square. And you are done! Here I'm making a small cushion, so i put some fiberfill inside the square.


Voila! Small hanging cushion for my darling daughter, Laila Maisarah..:)


p.s : I still having problem on getting my photos to appear correctly, something wrong with the alignment...**sigh** :(((

NNC's Bookmark Exchange

I take part in a Bookmark Exchange organised by Zarina, from Needle n Crafts Yahoo group. My partner is Peggy, from Quebec, and my secret partner is Margaret Wong, KL. We must make two bookmark for the exchange, each from different craft.

These are bookmarks that i made for Peggy. One is cross stitch, and the other one i use a ready made bookmark from a kit, then i sew three felt flowers and acrylic stone on each of it.


I received a lovely and cheerful bookmark from MW. She gave me some stash too, 32 count and 28 count linen, hdt, and a red cotton thread from Anchor. I have been thinking to stash on Anchor, and MW you just did the first step for me! :)

I never seen any printed felt before like MW has used, so i think i should do more stash shopping for felt :P


Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've been so unproductive. Did some stitch for bookmark exchange, now both bookmark is done. Packing for NNC Annivesary Meet door gift - Done. But can't take photo of these right now - bookmark exchange is secret and door gift is supposed to be a surprise..well, almost a surprise since i already announce what i'm going to contribute for the goody bag.Gathered some stuff for the exchange i'm currently in - pincushion exchange. Haven't really start anything just yet.

So, between those, to keep myself happy i make a small fob for my scissor. Then continue some beadwork on my friend's blouse.

I haven't start stitching the wedding gift for my husband PA's, which is due in May!..sigh....

Anyway, i bought myself a new camera! definitely happy with it as i think it takes a great picture, as i'am so clumsy and alien with camera..:P


Sunday, February 21, 2010

..came at odd time..


so, before it fades out or left ignored in the corner of my brain, i scribbled it on the paper..look at the mess on my table..

it is quite usual for me that ideas suddenly pop up in my head when i were busy or concerntrating on something else.. though sometime it is quite disturbing too, coz i'll be contemplating with my brain whether to draw it now or later.. when that later comes, the ideas were unfresh. If it have a face, then would be a sucking up and sullen!! hahahaha!


ok got to go back on things i'm working on..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I've spent two weeks adorning a friend's baju kurung, a traditional Malay outfit with beads and sequine. i could have finish it within a week but...:P..Back in the 80s or even earlier, such adornment are symbol of luxury. But it is common now that people send their clothes to beader to beauty them. I used water erasable pen to draw the motif, you can see it clearly on the sleeve end but it would disappear after being washed or spray with water.

This is what meant to be a scissors fob, stitched on 11ct Rustico Aida. I brought this in the previous NNC Bee. I make a mistake by cutting the edge too near to the design, and of course i'm having a bad time stitching them together. I didnt stuff anything into it as i might further the damage. Later i would put some beads for it to hang. Would be a good reminder not to repeat the same mistake again.


My orchid has grow a bit!! Done the backstitch, as instructed in the magazine, to avoid confusing when stitching because the colours are soo look alike.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

NNC Stitching Bee

Last Saturday i went to the NNC's January Stitching Bee at Bangsar Village II. It was my first time joining the club activities.

Those who attend are AW with her 2 daughter, Alynn with her daughter, Nik, Rose, Faizon and Paul. We have a short meet, around 12.30pm everyone was leaving. I wish it could be longer, but then Nik said they usually end at 2 pm but that day everyone seems to have other things to do so we have to leave early.

i left my camera, but the photos are availble here at Paul's - Thank you Paul..

i did window shopping at few shops, then bought few items later. I'm so in love with this beige cardigan at Ted Baker, but RM635 for a cardigan?..see if it still there when i come back, then i will buy it! LOL!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Istanbul and Cairo, we shall come again!

My family had a great holiday in Istanbul, Turkey and Cairo, Egypt. We went to Istanbul followed by Cairo five days later...