Sunday, February 21, 2010

..came at odd time..


so, before it fades out or left ignored in the corner of my brain, i scribbled it on the paper..look at the mess on my table..

it is quite usual for me that ideas suddenly pop up in my head when i were busy or concerntrating on something else.. though sometime it is quite disturbing too, coz i'll be contemplating with my brain whether to draw it now or later.. when that later comes, the ideas were unfresh. If it have a face, then would be a sucking up and sullen!! hahahaha!


ok got to go back on things i'm working on..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I've spent two weeks adorning a friend's baju kurung, a traditional Malay outfit with beads and sequine. i could have finish it within a week but...:P..Back in the 80s or even earlier, such adornment are symbol of luxury. But it is common now that people send their clothes to beader to beauty them. I used water erasable pen to draw the motif, you can see it clearly on the sleeve end but it would disappear after being washed or spray with water.

This is what meant to be a scissors fob, stitched on 11ct Rustico Aida. I brought this in the previous NNC Bee. I make a mistake by cutting the edge too near to the design, and of course i'm having a bad time stitching them together. I didnt stuff anything into it as i might further the damage. Later i would put some beads for it to hang. Would be a good reminder not to repeat the same mistake again.


My orchid has grow a bit!! Done the backstitch, as instructed in the magazine, to avoid confusing when stitching because the colours are soo look alike.