Thursday, December 3, 2009

Work in progress - for my friend in South Malaysia.
Putting up beads on our clothes here is one of the common and favourite ways to beautify what we wear, to a special occasion, or even to work!

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small progress on my WIP - A Flock of Orchid

7 nov 2009

15 Nov 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

to my beloved orchids...

am so illiterate bout this blogging thing,...

nyway, right now i'm trying to finish stitching a cross stitch pattern by Caroline Palmer - A flock of orchid - that i found in Cross Stitch Collection #175 (if i'm not mistaken).

i feel so dear to it (???) because it is something like a tribute to my orchid that i recently brought in my new residence.

most of them was infected with some kind of bug that bite the leaves and young bud/stem. Giving no chance to bloom. There's nothing much can be done because once the bug hit any flower, the only way to prevent it from spreading is BURN the infected one. Cutting it wont solve the problem.

I only have like 20-25 pots of orchid, ordinary orchid. none of them is an expensive or rare find. only ordinary. Back in our old house, they use to cheer me up, one of the best therapy from all day stress and makes me proud to announce to any frens n neighbour dat come, that i grow them, appreciate them and talked to them. They makes my house colourful in any event held in my home.

So this one, shall be a tribute to them...