Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've been so unproductive. Did some stitch for bookmark exchange, now both bookmark is done. Packing for NNC Annivesary Meet door gift - Done. But can't take photo of these right now - bookmark exchange is secret and door gift is supposed to be a surprise..well, almost a surprise since i already announce what i'm going to contribute for the goody bag.Gathered some stuff for the exchange i'm currently in - pincushion exchange. Haven't really start anything just yet.

So, between those, to keep myself happy i make a small fob for my scissor. Then continue some beadwork on my friend's blouse.

I haven't start stitching the wedding gift for my husband PA's, which is due in May!..sigh....

Anyway, i bought myself a new camera! definitely happy with it as i think it takes a great picture, as i'am so clumsy and alien with camera..:P