Sunday, January 24, 2010

NNC Stitching Bee

Last Saturday i went to the NNC's January Stitching Bee at Bangsar Village II. It was my first time joining the club activities.

Those who attend are AW with her 2 daughter, Alynn with her daughter, Nik, Rose, Faizon and Paul. We have a short meet, around 12.30pm everyone was leaving. I wish it could be longer, but then Nik said they usually end at 2 pm but that day everyone seems to have other things to do so we have to leave early.

i left my camera, but the photos are availble here at Paul's - Thank you Paul..

i did window shopping at few shops, then bought few items later. I'm so in love with this beige cardigan at Ted Baker, but RM635 for a cardigan?..see if it still there when i come back, then i will buy it! LOL!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Istanbul and Cairo, we shall come again!

My family had a great holiday in Istanbul, Turkey and Cairo, Egypt. We went to Istanbul followed by Cairo five days later...