Sunday, April 25, 2010

NNC's Bookmark Exchange

I take part in a Bookmark Exchange organised by Zarina, from Needle n Crafts Yahoo group. My partner is Peggy, from Quebec, and my secret partner is Margaret Wong, KL. We must make two bookmark for the exchange, each from different craft.

These are bookmarks that i made for Peggy. One is cross stitch, and the other one i use a ready made bookmark from a kit, then i sew three felt flowers and acrylic stone on each of it.


I received a lovely and cheerful bookmark from MW. She gave me some stash too, 32 count and 28 count linen, hdt, and a red cotton thread from Anchor. I have been thinking to stash on Anchor, and MW you just did the first step for me! :)

I never seen any printed felt before like MW has used, so i think i should do more stash shopping for felt :P


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